Anthony “Tony” Macauley grew up in San Francisco and attended a small, tuition-free all-boys high school, Lick-Wilmerding. Like 74 of the school’s 75 graduates, Tony went to college after he graduated. In his case, Tony moved to Berkeley and attended UC Berkeley.

He stayed in the East Bay area and started attending night law school at Golden Gate University. Mr. Macauley was licensed in 1987 and joined a large workers’ compensation defense firm. In an interesting twist, Kegel Tobin was actually formed from this same firm during the 1970s.

In 1991, Mr. Macauley helped that law firm return to the Southern California area to compete with Kegel Tobin and other defense firms. He became a partner and opened an office in Los Angeles for the firm in 1999, managing it until 2007. Tony resigned from that office in 2014. Just three weeks later, he started at Kegel Tobin.

“ If wishes were horses,
beggars would ride. ”

– Scottish proverb, 1628

A genuine people person, Tony prides himself on giving his clients good-natured, thoughtful, kind, prompt, and caring responses. He practices this ideal in all of his communications and obligations as he addresses the problems the Kegel Tobin team faces.

Aware of the negative aspects that have become part of the workers’ compensation business, Tony puts in courageous hard work. He feels that’s the best way for him to push back against the wrongs and excesses in the system.

His engaging personality shines through outside of work, too. Tony especially enjoys interacting with babies and children. Seeing the positive connections youngsters have with their parents bring a smile to his face every time. Tony also likes people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Tony’s Views and Insights

What do you like?

I like the people. I try to do the next indicated thing. Most of us are here to serve each other as best we can. I try hard to give others what they have a right to expect. At work, my goals are good-natured, prompt, thoughtful, kind, caring, unselfish responses to communications, obligations, and problems, as part of the Kegel Tobin team.

Who you like most?

People who do not take themselves too seriously.

What puts a smile on your face?

Babies. Children. Particularly children with parents where the positive chemistry between them is palpable.

What do you like least about the workers compensation business?

The greed and criminality which has always been obvious but has become much more so.

What do you wish you had done about that?

Mustered up the courage and hard work to push back as excesses and wrongs in the system manifested themselves.


Los Angeles Office
T. (213) 380-3880
F. (213) 383-8346


• Workers’ Compensation Defense


The State Bar of California, 1987


• University of California, Berkeley
• Golden Gate University, School of Law


• American Bar Association
• College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers