Preeti G. Shah has been an esteemed member of the KT&T firm since 1989 and became an official shareholder in 1994. For 30 years, Ms. Shah has proved to be one of the most experienced and competent attorneys in the Southern California region.

Ms. Shah specializes in representing homeowner policy cases. Specifically, cases where injury claims are filed by those individuals who were conducting work on the homeowner’s property. Ms. Shah has also represented several public entities, including several school districts.

Within the realm of homeowner litigation, Ms. Shah has successfully tried several cases. Most notably is the case of Ramiro Haro v. Kenneth Nepove. In this case, it was ruled that the applicant was not an employee of the homeowner. In April 2012, in the Court of Appeal case of Lester Guerrero v Duane White, Ms. Shah successfully argued again that the applicant was not an employee of the residence.

Ms. Shah has also successfully represented the Los Angeles Unified School District. In May 2011, Ms. Shah proved that certain presumptions do not pertain to school police officers in the case of Jackie Thompson v. Los Angeles Unified School District. Ms. Shah has also tried several lien cases. They include the case of Roger Schleifstein v. Leslie’sPool Supply, where she successfully defeated the $300,000+ lien of Grossman Medical Group.

Ms. Shah utilizes her expertise in a variety of seminars. She has presented the topic of determining if a case belongs in the civil arena or if it should be presented before the Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). Ms. Shah has also collaborated with civil attorneys on overlapping civil and workers’ compensation matters.

Preeti G. Shah earned her Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in 1979 from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Bombay, India. She received her Bachelor’s of Law degree from the Government Law College in Bombay, India in 1983. She completed her bar admissions for California in 1989.


Los Angeles Office
T. (213) 380-3880
F. (213) 383-8346


Workers’ compensation defense with emphasis on homeowner policies, representation of public entities and sworn officers


• Admitted to Mumbai India Courts 1984
• Admitted to California Bar June, 1988


• Bachelor of Commerce Sydengam College, Mumbai
• LLB from Government law College, Mumbai 1983