I value attorney-client relationships that foster trust and understanding. To that end, the adjusters who work with me often know I am available any time of day on my personal cell phone. They understand I am dedicated to each case because I am invested in their success as it is a reflection of my own.

I do not believe that learning ceases. In my practice, I strive to provide exceptional representation by paying attention to the details but also keeping in mind the larger strategy of expeditious and fair resolution of cases. I have a passion for knowledge, and I owe it to my clients to exude confidence and determination to the respected Judicial Officers and our opponents on the other side. As a team, my clients and I do not shy away from effectuating the law even when it means a matter must be tried in open court.

“ Much madness is divinest sense to a discerning eye. Much sense – the starkest madness. ”

– Emily Dickinson

My 4th-grade yearbook survey asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. I wrote, in the worst handwriting, “A lawyer.” I would not call this a dream because it was never elusive. Litigation is my passion. I practiced civil litigation at the State and Federal level in practice areas as diverse as family law, intellectual property, business litigation, and personal injury. I also practiced criminal defense as a licensed attorney and interned in law school with the Long Beach District Attorney’s office where I participated in a bifurcated death penalty case with some of the most seasoned prosecutors in Los Angeles County. What sets me apart from a lot of my colleagues on both sides of workers’ compensation is my exposure to a variety of legal practice, procedure, and forums.

I have the underlying drive for success, passion for knowledge, and respect for learning from excellent litigators to authenticate my present credentials and capacity as an attorney. I do not shy away from trials, but I understand the cost-benefit analysis my clients engage in when administering claims. At UCLA, I studied psychology and history and routinely focused my elective courses on medicine. When I found myself in a profession that allows me to be an attorney while also contending with medical issues, I knew I was where I belonged professionally.

Of all the defense attorneys I use, Sana Shah is my absolute favorite. She’s not only sharp and witty, but she’s extremely detailed in her litigation strategies. I know I can always count on her to help me bring my files towards successful resolution!

Claims Examiner, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

Sana’s Legal Philosophy

Practicing law is an art. It isn’t just about knowing the law or the facts. It is about understanding the needs of the client on an individual and case-by-case basis, and harmonizing the facts and legal principles to framing an argument that is tailored to expeditious resolution of each issue. I thrive on learning legal and medical principles. The emotional investment in the pursuit of knowledge is what gives me an edge over some of our competitors. I am continuously honing my craft and take every opportunity to learn my clients’ needs and the preferences of each individual adjuster regarding strategy and communication. I believe it is critical to provide my clients with all information regarding a case or strategy, outlining the pros and cons of each critical decision, and respecting and effectuating their sound decisions.


Los Angeles Office
T. (213) 380-3880
F. (213) 383-8346
E. sshah@kttlaw.us


• Workers’ Compensation Defense
• Labor Code Section 132a


The State Bar of California, 2010


• Dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and History, UCLA, Los Angeles, 2007
• Juris Doctor, Pepperdine University School of Law, 2010


Cum Laude, UCLA, 2007